Preventive Law

Traditionally, lawyers are called in at times of hardship. Taking reactionary legal action is necessary in hard times, but times of calm call for planning and diligent legal design to prevent new crises from happening. We at FUL Attorneys at Law guide clients into safety before the risks become real problems.


Through the preventive law approach, we at FUL Attorneys at Law take pride in supporting clients through business decisions before the risks crystallize into imminent dangers. While doing so, we bring to the table the accumulative experience of a diverse team seasoned at both ends of the negotiation table.


Acting as an embedded legal team, FUL Attorneys at Law accompanies clients at the planning stage as well as during execution, eliminating causes of problems in the first place. Most importantly, we help clients manage legal budgets by averting high-cost risks and minimize losses for them.


Dispute Resolution

We provide dispute resolution services in corporate, commercial, civil and labor law disputes both in pre-trial mediation and before all levels of the Turkish courts.  We support clients formulate litigation strategies, assembling and analyzing evidence, taking the case to trial and seeing the process through until execution of decisions. 

We also advise clients on structuring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (locally or abroad) and provide them with risk mitigation strategies. Our varied experience in different fields of law is a crucial resource in providing clients with a strategic outlook on dispute resolution.





  • Agriculture 

  • Biopharma​

  • Energy & Chemicals

  • Resources & Infrastructure

  • IT & Telecom

  • Communications & Entertainment